Ethernet Data Acquisition

Ethernet Data Acquisition

Measurements Devices with connection over Ethernet combine simultaneous Data Acquisition
(one A/D converter per channel) with an excellent digital resolution of 24 bits. All devices are equipped with ISO-Channel technology, providing channel-to-channel isolation up to 7000V. Standardized IVI-COM device drivers are compatible with any development environment that supports COM programming. All devices are supported by free QuickDAQ data logger application.

With SCPI commands and a built-in web interface, scalable control and measurement systems
can be implemented across local (LAN) and wide-area networks. Depending on the module
IEPE-based sensors, thermocouples, RTD sensors and voltages from mV to ±600V can be connected directly.

Module Analog Inputs Digital Analog Outputs Isolation ch-to-ch Power Supply
  DI Resolution Max. Throughput / Channel        
DT 8824 4 24Bit 4.800 Hz 4 DO - to 2000V 5V DC
DT 8837 4 (IEPE) 24Bit 52.7 kHz 4 DO, Tacho 1 1000V 5V DC
DT 8874 8 - 48 24Bit 10 Hz 16 DIO - 1000V 5V DC
DT 8875 8 - 40 24Bit 10 Hz 16 DIO - 2800V 5V DC
DT 8876 4 - 20 24Bit 10 Hz 16 DIO - 7000V 5V DC










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