DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB®

Interface to MATLAB

MATLAB® from The MathWorks® is a software environment and programming language used for data acquisition, data analysis, measurement automation, and application development. Use MATLAB with the Data Acquisition Toolbox™ and the DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB to interface MATLAB with Data Translation hardware. With these tools, a Data Translation DAQ module can be configured within MATLAB to access the analog and digital I/O features of the hardware device.

All DT-Open Layers-compliant Data Translation's USB and PCI modules can be accessed for a full range of performance capabilities. Users can incorporate the analysis and visualization features of MATLAB into the design to analyze data, save the data for post-processing, and make changes based on analysis results.

The DAQ Adapter for MATLAB is a free download.

Interface to MATLAB

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  • Single environment for acquisition, analysis, and visualization.
  • Measurement with the Data Acquisition Toolbox
  • Direct access to all DT-Open Layers-compliant Data Translation USB and PCI modules.
  • Supports the session-based (64-bit) interface or legacy (32-bit) interface of MATLAB.
  • Supports analog inputs, analog outputs, and digital I/O operations.
  • Add counter/timer operations in streaming mode (hardware dependant, 32-bit interface only)
  • The Data Acquisition Toolbox includes access to hardware for Simulink® users (legacy 32-bit interface only).
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Interface to MATLAB
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Free of charge

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Show file Screenshot
Block Diagram
Show file Control & Data Flow Hierarchy
Application Notes
Show file Data Acquisition into Simulink (32-bit interface only)
Data Acquisition Toolbox also provides Simulink® with blocks that enable you to incorporate live data or hardware configuration directly into Simulink models. You can verify and validate your model against live, measured data as part of Model-Based Design.
White Papers
Show file Using MATLAB for Vibration Measurements
More Downloads
Show file Acquire counter/timer data in MATLAB (32-bit interface only)
These examples demonstrate how to add the counter/timer lines to the analog input list for acquiring data in streaming mode. Note: The measurement device must support streaming counter/timer operations.
Show file Import of .hpf data files
This example allows a user to import a HPF data file, created in QuickDAQ, into MATLAB.
Show file Additional example programs
Software Downloads
Show file Release Notes (32-bit interface)
Show file FREE Download (32-bit interface)
The legacy DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB allows users of a 32-bit version of MATLAB(R) to access Data Translation analog and digital I/O modules for data acquisition and analysis applications. Note that the 32-bit version of MATLAB and the Data Acquisition toolbox can be installed on a 64-bit Windows OS, if needed.
The DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB requires the installation of the latest DT Omni Software.
Show file FREE Download (64-bit interface)
The session-based DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB allows users of a 64-bit version MATLAB(R) to access Data Translation analog and digital I/O modules for data acquisition and analysis applications. MATLAB release R2016a and greater are 64-bit versions and require the session-based DAQ Adaptor to access Data Translation hardware.
Show file DT Omni Software
Latest version of the device drivers required for the DAQ Adaptor for MATLAB.
V7.8.2 base installation (255 MB).
Note that you must first install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 before performing this installation.

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